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Long Bands

Door Anchor

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Door Anchor
Door Anchor
Door Anchor
Door Anchor

This is our new Long Band Door Anchor! It can be placed above, below, or in the middle of any door to expand your exercise possibilities with our long bands.

We like to use this Door Anchor for:

  • Lat Pull Downs
  • Tricep Pushdowns
  • Glute Kickbacks
  • Seated Rows
  • And so much more!

To use, just place the ball end above or below a door, shut the door, and then loop a long band through the looped end. Your band will be securely anchored in place while you do your exercises! It allows you to turn any door into an at-home cable machine.

Trust us when we say this door anchor will change your workouts forever. Questions? Email them to us at info@bicahbychloe.com! *all sales are final*

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