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Barbell Pad - Speckled Cheetah

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Barbell Pad - Speckled Cheetah
Barbell Pad - Speckled Cheetah
Barbell Pad - Speckled Cheetah

This barbell pad is designed to protect your hips and/or shoulders from barbells, which can prevent bruising, pain, and discomfort during exercises such as hip thrusts, squats, or glute bridges.

  • Made from a Vegan Leather
  • Velcros shut to keep it securely attached to the barbell
  • 1" thick all around to provide effective protection from heavy weights
  • These are designed for 2" olympic barbells, but can also be used with larger or smaller barbells, as well

Trust us when we say this barbell pad will change your leg day workouts forever! Questions? Email them to us at info@bicahbychloe.com *all sales are final*

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