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Ankle Straps - Midnight

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Ankle Straps - Midnight
Ankle Straps - Midnight

Our Midnight Ankle Straps are sold as a pair. You can use these ankle straps as a cable attachment at the gym or with your long bands at home!

  • Outside material: super soft and flexible vegan leather
  • Inside lining: fluffy faux fur which is very comfortable against your skin
  • Completely adjustable - one size fits most
  • Strong velcro to hold them on and in place

We like to use our ankle straps for donkey kicks, abductor kicks, side lunges, hamstring curls, and more! Our ankle straps are very high quality and built to last.

Trust us when we say these ankle straps will change your leg day workouts forever. Questions? Email them to us at All sales are final.

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