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Barbell Pad - Terrazzo

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Barbell Pad - Terrazzo
Barbell Pad - Terrazzo

This barbell pad is designed to protect your hips and/or shoulders from barbells, which can prevent bruising, pain, and discomfort during exercises such as hip thrusts, squats, or glute bridges.

  • Made from a Vegan Leather
  • Velcros shut to keep it securely attached to the barbell
  • 1" thick all around to provide effective protection from heavy weights
  • These are designed for 2" olympic barbells, but can also be used with larger or smaller barbells, as well
  • Smith Machines have thicker bars, so it’s torally normal for these to be a tighter fit on a Smith Machine 

Trust us when we say this barbell pad will change your leg day workouts forever! Questions? Email them to us at info@bicahbychloe.com *all sales are final*

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